Program Details

Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL), administered by Americans for the Arts and national partners, matches undergraduate students from backgrounds traditionally untapped for arts leadership with dynamic communities, energetic host arts organizations, and business mentors, to guide students’ personal and professional growth throughout the summer. In 2019, the nationwide, competitive selection process grants 24 full-time, paid, ten-week-long internships in Des Moines, New Jersey, or New York City.

To ensure an immersive and well-rounded experience, the summer includes:

  • Full time work placement at an arts nonprofit in Des Moines, New Jersey, or New York City.
  • $4,500 summer work stipend and transportation supplement
  • Weekly group site visits
  • Monthly professional development workshops and cultural outings
  • A private sector mentor
  • A national intern cohort + alumni network

Check out the 25-year New York City program impact infographic.

View videos and photos from previous intern classes.

The Locations

Choose to apply to one location and indicate in your application which other locations you’d consider. Each intern will receive a standard summer work stipend and transportation supplement but transportation and housing options are different in each location. You are responsible for finding your own housing and for travel to and from the final location.

DIAL: Des Moines (7 internships)

Arts and culture vanguards at the forefront of change.

We know what you’re thinking…cornfields; but actually Greater Des Moines’ arts field is putting artists at the center of deciding how the region grows. Des Moines currently has an arts ecosystem that generates over $185 million dollars in economic impact, has over 2,000 arts-related jobs, and is growing rapidly! The arts community is uniquely poised to lead community change and you, as an intern at one of their 60 arts organizations, would bring a fresh voice and experience to the region.

DIAL: Des Moines aims to nurture learning and leadership in a resource-rich arts and cultural environment and is ready to open opportunities for interns to lead future-facing projects with lasting impact. This internship is perfect for an open-minded, people person who can picture themselves as a future creative community leader bringing innovation and equity to scale.

Local Arts Coordinating Agency: Bravo Greater Des Moines
Housing: Grand View College summer housing block reserved.
Transportation: Uber credits

DIAL: New Jersey (6 internships)

Connecting artistically and culturally diverse voices. The full package arts internship.

New Jersey is one of the most ethnically, geographically, and linguistically diverse states in the entire country with an arts ecosystem to match. An internship in New Jersey, with a placement in either the northern half or southern half of the state, means a front-row seat to local, regional, and state arts issues as well as inside access to the dynamic arts culture sandwiched between New York City and Philadelphia.

DIAL: New Jersey will feel both intimate because of the state’s relatively small size and expansive, because of the broad spectrum of people and cultural communities. This internship is perfect for versatile and curious intern who will appreciate a birds-eye-view of state level policy and the breadth of the arts in New Jersey.

Local Arts Coordinating Agency: New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Housing: TBD
Transportation: TBD

DIAL: New York City (11 internships)

Dive deep into internal business operations and in internationally-relevant cultural scene.

New York City defines a thriving arts and business metropolis. An internship placement at an arts and cultural organization in one of the five boros would give you a local experience in and international arts hub. Selected interns will have the opportunity to work for small and mid-sized arts organizations and make innovations inside individual business units of cultural organizations while learning about a wide range of arts organizations and roles across the five boroughs.

DIAL: NYC is the largest cohort and is hosted by Americans for the Arts-New York. This internship is perfect for those who envision a future making innovations inside arts institutional systems and are eager to make the most of the inexhaustible cultural offerings, neighborhoods, and train lines.

Local Arts Coordinating Agency: Americans for the Arts – New York
Housing: TBD
Transportation: Unlimited travel Metro cards

Learn More and Apply!

Intern Virtual Information Session                           January 28 3:00 p.m. EST   Sign Up Here
Intern Application PRIORITY Deadline                   January 30 11:59 p.m. EST
Intern + Arts Host Application FINAL Deadline       February 13 11:59 p.m. EST





Shareable Graphic & Ad

In December 2018, Americans for the Arts created an advertisement to showcase the importance and value of the Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL) program. The program has placed more than 256 interns into over 116 arts nonprofit organizations in New York City to develop leadership in the business of the arts. The ad featured the 2018 DIAL interns and was placed within The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Crain’s Business New York reaching more than 100,000 print readers!

We hope you help us spread the message of this program by downloading this ad for use online, on social media, or in print. While we encourage you to download these ads and share them either electronically or in print, please note we cannot accommodate any re-sizing requests or logo placements. Please also do not alter any of the artwork or remove the Americans for the Arts logo.

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