As an arts leader in your community, you know the arts play a vital role in community development. Other leaders like you have helped Americans for the Arts create formalized programs to aid and empower community arts leaders. Together, we have developed topic-based networks to address specific issues in the arts field. The networks are formed of members of Americans for the Arts as a means for them to connect and share knowledge with each other in their specific areas in interest.

To help advance Americans for the Arts’ mission and goals, member-elected advisory councils were established to advise staff on programs and services that will build essential capacities, spark necessary conversations, and forge deeper connections in the arts field. Advisory Council members are national leaders who give back to the field by creating a two-way connection between the national work of Americans for the Arts and the work of local arts organizations. 

Arts Education Network

Learning in and through the arts are vital to the development of our students and our communities. The Arts Education Network brings together a wide variety of stakeholders in the arts education ecosystem.  Communications allow members to lend their expertise to help grow our work in advocacy, research, partnerships, and professional development that seeks to provide and secure more resources and support for arts education as a field. The Network is led by an advisory council made up of diverse experts who provide guidance and leadership.

Emerging Leaders Network

Working with today's most promising emerging leaders in the arts field, we provide opportunities for the next generation of arts leaders in America to share their interests with others as they continue to develop their skills and their commitment to the arts. The Emerging Leaders Network targets professionals who are either new to the field (up to 5 years of experience) and/or are 35 years of age or younger.

Local Arts Network

Providing a forum for members to discuss the successes and challenges that local arts agencies face across the nation, the Local Arts Network includes an active listserv and other opportunities that create a platform for questions to and from the field about tools, resources, and professional development that will help local arts agencies build upon the success of their work and achieve more together.

Private Sector Network

The Private Sector Network–which includes Arts & Business Councils, Business Committees for the Arts, United Arts Funds, Local Arts Agencies, and organizations that operate Business Volunteers for the Arts® programs–works with Americans for the Arts to build private sector support for the arts in local communities, and to promote the message that business support for the arts is integral to the success and longevity of the arts, and essential in building communities in which the business sector can thrive. The Private Sector Network is advised by the Private Sector Council, a group of arts leaders from around the country selected to assist in developing Private Sector programs, resources, professional development, and networking opportunities for local arts organizations.

Public Art Network

The Public Art Network (PAN) develops professional services for the broad array of individuals and organizations engaged in the diverse field of public art. PAN is the only professional network in the United States dedicated to advancing public art programs and projects through advocacy, policy, and information resources to further art and design in our built environment.

To further engage members of the PAN Network, the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Advisory Council, made of elected leaders from the membership of the Public Art Network, provides recommendations and insight to Americans for the Arts for the development and execution of public art services and resources. Advisory Council members bring a level of expertise to the table that enables them to be a resource for Americans for the Arts members and the public art field as a whole. The Council’s insight helps Americans for the Arts provide resources, engagement opportunities, and tools to advance public art programs and projects across the country.

State Arts Action Network

The State Arts Action Network (SAAN) is a national coalition of independent state arts advocacy and service organizations that lead civic action to enrich lives, economies, education, and communities through the arts. The network represents the collective experience of 53 members from 43 states and provides a national forum for the exchange of best practices in arts and arts education policy at the state level. The SAAN represents the on-the-ground expertise and power to influence grassroots advocates for coordinating efficient federal and state arts advocacy campaigns.

The SAAN is led by the SAAN Council—a board of 15 members who oversee and guide the network’s activities. The Council, in consultation with Americans for the Arts, establishes the network’s policy guidelines, activities, and goals. The Council is comprised of three committees: the Executive Committee, the Governance Committee, and the Programs Committee. Within the Council, the Executive Committee oversees strategic planning and the management of critical operational and functional decisions. The Governance Committee drafts operating and election procedures, membership criteria, and ex-officio member recommendations. The Programs Committee develops and reviews questions for research; profiles projects, website content, and listserv activity; and sets the professional development agenda for SAAN conference calls and workshops

United States Urban Arts Federation

The United States Urban Arts Federation (USUAF) is an Americans for the Arts alliance of the chief executives of local arts agencies in the nation's 60 largest cities. These leaders advocate, network, and meet to discuss the social, educational, and economic impact of the arts in their regions.