The Encourage Creativity videos are part of our suite of arts education advocacy tools - designed to help you inform your community, inspire your friends, and impact the world. These videos tell the real story behind the numbers and data. Let your audience hear directly from students whose lives have been transformed by the arts.

While you can watch and share these videos with teachers, principals, superintendents, business leaders, community leaders, and policymakers, you can also dive into our Advocate Tools section for ways to use these videos to encourage creativity in your school or community.

Use our tools in tandem - prepare your advocacy talking points and strategy with our e-books and training materials, and then show these videos at meetings with your decision-makers. Armed with both hard-hitting data and compelling stories, you can spark conversations, create new arts education supporters, and ignite real change in your school and community.

Thanks for joining the movement to encourage creativity by teaching the arts!