"Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts"

  • Using their own words, children share their passion for learning through multiple art disciplines.

    From photography to dance, music to painting, and beyond, this short video shows what "the arts" are and how they impact young people’s quality of life.

    You can use this video to start a conversation about access to arts in your area. The courage, elegance, and ingenuity these young artists share is captured in this compelling and touching spot.


Use this video with: Passionate people (with short attention spans). People who get things done quickly. Decision-makers. Business leaders, community leaders, and people with whom you’d like to have a larger conversation.

Use this video for: Times when you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression! Share via social media, use it as an elevator pitch, or use it to introduce an idea.

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"Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts" (extended)

  • A colorful, rich, beautiful depiction of children describing their experience with the arts.

    From photography to dance, music to painting, and beyond, this short video shows what "the arts" are and how they impact young people’s quality of life.

    Elegantly capturing the imagination and passion of young learners with an emotional and impactful message straight from young people’s mouths. Both moving and inspirational.


Use this video with: People who want to make a difference. People who have influence. People who are compassionate about causes.

Use this video for: Starting conversations. Try e-mailing the link to a principal and asking to schedule a meeting about arts education. Or show it during a school board meeting.

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"Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts" (documentary)

  • Using their own words, three ordinary children with an extraordinary commitment demonstrate the power of art in their everyday lives. Ian (10) suffers attention and learning challenges, so he uses art to quell anxiety before gymnastics competitions and focus before big tests. Jordyn (8) uses dance and music to put an end to being bullied at school, make new friends, and deal with the feelings that come with growing up. Andrew (14) is home-schooled, a Tae Kwon Do black belt, and has a composer fellowship with LA Philharmonic. Various educators discuss the profound impact the arts have on young people, from engagement to graduation and employment to self-expression.


Use this video with: A captive and interested audience, such as a town hall, a professional development workshop, or a neighborhood event.

Use this video for: Helping people recognize the many benefits we experience as individuals and as a society with arts in the classroom and community.

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(Runtime: 7:19)

"Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts" (facts, figures, action)

  • This fun and insightful video is packed with facts and figures presented in a lighthearted yet downright serious manner. Natalie drops science on arts in education.

    Test your knowledge and then send this to everyone you know. They’re bound to get a kick out of it while they learn the numbers.


Use this video with: People who prefer to hear the numbers—it brings the data to life! Students, teachers, and parents especially love this. It’s got a big message with a light touch.

Use this video for: Dropping science on arts education, testing your knowledge, convincing school leaders, and perfecting your advocacy message. This video paired with the video series opener packs the perfect one-two punch: data and a story!

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(Runtime: 3:18)