Annual Leadership Awards

Presented each year in conjunction with Americans for the Arts Annual Convention, these awards recognize the achievements of individuals, organizations, or programs committed to enriching their communities through the arts. Within this section, you will find the Public Leadership in the Arts Awards, given in recognition of elected officials whose role in advancement of the arts and arts education within their communities and whose vision and leadership provide heightened visibility to the value of the arts.

Public Leadership in the Arts Awards

Since 1997, Americans for the Arts has recognized elected officials at various levels of government (Federal, State and Local) with our Public Leadership in the Arts Awards. These awards honor an individual or group who advance of the arts and arts education within their communities and whose vision and leadership provide heightened visibility to the value of the arts.

Arts and Business Partnership Awards

The Arts and Business Partnership Awards honors 10 exemplary businesses each year for their exceptional involvement with the arts. These companies set the standard for excellence and show the entire business community that the arts enrich the workplace, education, and the community.

National Arts Awards

Every October, Americans for the Arts leads the country as we celebrate our cultural riches through National Arts and Humanities Month. The Americans for the Arts National Arts Awards serves as the focal point for these nationwide celebrations. The National Arts Awards represents a unique opportunity for 500 of the world's top artists and philanthropic and corporate leaders to come together annually to recognize and celebrate the achievements of individuals and corporations who have exhibited outstanding leadership in the visual and performing arts, arts education, and philanthropy.

Johnson Fellowship for Artists Transforming Communities

This fellowship offered by Americans for the Arts is supported by the Yankee and Laurel Johnson Trust in recognition of their belief that artists, when given the opportunity, can create real paths for change. The award was designated to recognize an artist as a way to celebrate Mr. Johnson’s legacy work as the first executive director of the King County Arts Commission where he laid the groundwork for the Northwest's thriving public arts scene.

Shareable Graphic & Ad

Each year, Americans for the Arts celebrates field leaders and organizations in the arts who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their areas of expertise. In November 2018, Americans for the Arts created an advertisement to honor the prestigious awardees of Americans for the Arts’ recognitions — including the National Arts Awards, the BCA 10, the National Arts Awards, and the Public Leadership in the Arts Awards. The ad featured each 2018 awardee and was placed within The Hill, Politico, Roll Call, Nonprofit Times, Nonprofit Quarterly, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy reaching a combined audience of nearly 750,000 print readers. Please join us in congratulating the 2018 winners!

We hope you help us spread the message by downloading this ad for use online, on social media, or in print. While we encourage you to download these ads and share them either electronically or in print, please note we cannot accommodate any re-sizing requests or logo placements. Please also do not alter any of the artwork or remove the Americans for the Arts logo.

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