Humana Inc.

2006 BCA 10 Hall of Fame Honoree

Humana Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky

“Our success is driven by innovative people who thrive in communities with engaging and diverse cultural opportunities. As Humana’s business has grown, so too has its commitment to the arts.” - Michael B. McCallister, President and CEO, Humana Inc.

From Humana's inception, its Co-founders - David A. Jones and the late Wendell Cherry - have made the arts an integral part of this healthcare company's culture. Since 1975, the company has contributed more than $40 million to the arts in its headquarter city, as well as throughout the country.

In 1979, Humana made its first grant to the Actors Theatre of Louisville to sponsor the Humana Festival of New American Plays. Since then it has invested more than $16 million in the Festival that has presented works that have received three Pulitzer Prizes, six American Theatre Critics Awards and four Obies. About 25,000 attend performances annually and an estimated 90 million individuals worldwide have seen a play originated by the Festival. In 1982, the company commissioned Michael Graves to design its corporate headquarters. Graves produced an award-winning design that changed the landscape of Louisville.

The company maintains a workplace art collection that it shares with the community and it supports nearly all the arts organizations in Louisville with grants and in-kind services, and its executives serve on the boards of many of these organizations. It encourages employees to serve the arts as volunteers and it matches their gifts to arts organizations of their choice. Humana underwrites tickets for its employees, clients and customers so that they may enjoy the arts. Additionally, it supports a number of arts education programs in New York, Chicago, Austin, Kansas City, Phoenix, San Antonia, Sarasota and Washington, D.C.