Author(s): Consortium of National Arts Education Associations
Date of Publication: Mar 10, 1994

"Developed by the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations (under the guidance of the National Committee for Standards in the Arts), the National Standards for Arts Education is a document which outlines basic arts learning outcomes integral to the comprehensive K-12 education of every American student." -- Consortium of National Arts Education Associations

Author(s): Herringborne, Earl
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1963

A Study of the Effect of Special Teachers of Art on the Absence Records of Elementary School Children was published by St. Louis Public Schools in 1964 to outline the effects that participation in art programs had on students attendance rate.

Author(s): Westchester Arts Council
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1991

Arts for Schools is a directory of artists and cultural organizations that offer programs suitable for school and family audiences. This resource directory is published by the Arts-in-Education program of the Westchester Arts Council, and is a valuable resource for planning programs and activities. (An update is published in alternate years.)

Author(s): Graff, Gerald
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1991

Beyond the Culture Wars is the first major and refreshingly down-to-earth response to the torrent of criticism in recent years, mainly from traditionalists, of American higher education.

Author(s): Council for the Arts in Westchester, Education Committee
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1978

The Arts and the Schools: A Study is the first effort to analyze the role of the arts in the schools of Westchester and to explore how schools use community arts resources. Contained in this publication is the text of the response of the Board of Trustees of the Council for the Arts in Westchester to the Study, as well as a summary of the Study and the recommendations of the Board's Education Committee.

Author(s): Fowler, Charles B. and Pennsylvania Department of Education
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1983

The Arts Process in Basic Education reflects, characterizes and synthesizes the rationale for both the inclusion and role of arts education in the total basic education schema. By applying the concepts embodied in this document, we will be better prepared to develop appropriate ways and means of insuring that all students, at all levels, are given the opportunity and resources to experience, through their own abilities, perceptions and thought processes, the modes of learning that are indigenous to the arts world.

Author(s): Sacca, Elizabeth J. and Singer, Loren R.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1982

Visual Arts Reference and Research Guide: For Artists, Educators, Curators, Historians and Therapists provides assistance in art research methodology. Discussions cover strategies for library research, standard reference sources for a great variety of topics in many disciplines, and the use of specialized art reference tools.

Author(s): Opera America
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1982

Working Ideas is a statement by the professional producers of opera that education is important to their future. This statement is underscored by the fact that most opera companies have active education programs, and is highlighted by the examples included in this book.

Author(s): Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, Inc. and the Kentucky Arts Council
Date of Publication:

2005 status report on arts education in Kentucky's public schools.

Author(s): Kolberg, William H.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

A business leader, who is president of the National Alliance of Business, discusses the necessity of the arts as part of educational reform. The study of the arts provides an opportunity to learn how to work with ideas with knowledge, and with information. This has useful application throughout a lifetime.