Author(s): Cohen, Randy
Date of Publication: Feb 01, 2017

Highlights from the 2015 public opinion poll, Americans Speak Out About the Arts, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Americans for the Arts. 

Author(s): Takamine, Vicky Holt; de Silva, Kahikina
Date of Publication: Jun 01, 2016

Part of the Americans for the Arts Artists & Communities conversation series that pairs veteran community arts leaders with emerging community arts leaders to share

Author(s): Mandala, Laura
Date of Publication: Jun 02, 2015

Excerpted from Arts & America: Arts, Culture, and the Future of America’s Communities. This essay looks at the changing face of tourism in America, as well as the role that the arts may play in positively impacting those changes over the next 10–15 years. The

Author(s): Dr. Clement Price
Date of Publication: May 10, 2015

Immigration has long stirred America’s imagination of its past and of the enduring value of the Republic to the world’s oppressed masses. No other society, we have believed, has been more hospitable to foreigners than ours. The historical settlement of newcomers brings to mind poignant narratives of journeys from desperate places to the Golden Door of modern American society.

Author(s): Americans for the Arts
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2015

This one pager provides an overview of the benefits of Cultural Tourism in the United States and includes the percentage of foreign visitors participating in arts & culture while visiting the U.S.

Author(s): Cummings, Milton C.
Date of Publication: Jun 26, 2009

The essay that follows has two objectives. First, to provide a brief survey of some of the major cultural policy initiatives of the United States government from the 1930’s until recent times. Second, to underscore some of the broader patterns and trends that can be discerned in America’s cultural relations with other countries and other peoples.

Author(s): Nicholas J. Cull
Date of Publication: Jul 31, 2007

Cull explores how "Black Watch" creativly addresses controversial topics such as war, racism, and consumerism.

Author(s): MacNeil, Robert
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2007

Transcript of Robert MacNeil's lecture, for the 20th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy on March 12, 2007.

Author(s): UNESCO
Date of Publication: Nov 01, 2005

Towards Knowledge Societies focuses in particular on the foundations on which knowledge societies that will optimize sustainable human development are constructed.

Author(s): Introduction by Congressman Christopher Shays
Date of Publication: Oct 01, 2005

This Monograph explores the role of culture in diplomacy, with a specific focus on international cultural exchange.