Author(s): Wharton, John F.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1974

Like A Fresh Look at Theatre Tickets, this report is my report to the Commission. It does not necessarily represent the views of the individual members of the Commission. The recommendations at the end of the report are, again, my recommendations, which the Commission may or may not follow.

Author(s): Massarsky, Cynthia W. and Beinhacker, Samantha L.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

"Nonprofit managers who develop social purpose ventures to generate revenues to support a social mission have limited opportunities to share their experiences with others in the field or to learn from the experiences of others. Many nonprofit managers also have modest business backgrounds. Yet, despite these challenges, the movement toward income generation by nonprofits continues to grow. Some of these ventures succeed, yet many more fail to meet either their social or financial goals. Clearly, the field lacks well-defined criteria, standards, and strategies for achieving success in this area

Author(s): Toppe, Christopher; Adler, Kimberly A.; Kirsch, Arthur D.; Green, Gordon W.; Michel, Jocabel
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2002

"The American Baby Boom generation represents the largest untapped pool of potential volunteers for the nonprofit community in recent history, according to a new study entitled Experience at Work: Volunteering and Giving Among Americans 50 and Over, by INDEPENDENT SECTOR and AARP. As Baby Boomers begin to approach retirement age, nonprofit organizations will be faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges to engage this population."

Author(s): Kutner, Gail; Love, Jeffrey
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2002

"When it comes to charity, older African Americans are more likely than those of other racial and ethnic groups to work through their churches to help the needy. Older Asian Americans are more likely to support museums and other cultural institutions. Older Hispanics donate the least money ンbut the most time ンto community organizations and people in need. Those are some of the findings of an AARP survey to be released today, the first in-depth look at the way older Americans of different ethnic and racial groups approach community service and philanthropic giving."

Author(s): Lubbers, Frank
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

[The author] defines the art museum as an educational and academic institution, rather than a place for recreation and entertainment. He thinks that the primary mission of an art museum is to collect and preserve works of high quality and to present them to an interested and sufficiently educated public. [He] sees art, and especially 20th-century art, as something separated from the world of profit and loss. Sponsoring, as a kind of support for this art, contains a dangerous paradox. If a government feels responsible for culture, it must accept the consequences.

Author(s): Reiner, Harrison Lee
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1985

Before Money was written in fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters Degree in Arts Administration at Columbia University, School of the Arts and is designed to educate first time filmmakers in the business and legal aspects of filmmaking. The filmmaker will be exposed to certain legal documents or legal agreements into which he or she will enter in the course of producing a motion picture.

Author(s): Deb, Partha; Wilhelm, Mark; Rooney, Patrick; and Brown, Melissa
Date of Publication:

Giving USA annual estimates of charitable giving in the are widely used by practitioners, policy-makers, academics, and the media. In addition, each editions estimate of giving for the previous year is the first indication of generosity in that year, and, as such, generates much publicity. Over 60 percent of this estimate is based upon the amount claimed as charitable deductions on federal income taxes. However, this amount is not known prior to the publication of Giving USA and therefore must itself be estimated. Different time-series models have been used in past editions

Author(s): Van Slyke, David M., Ph.D. and Brooks, Arthur C., Ph.D.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2000

Individual Philanthropy Patterns in Metro Atlanta reports on a study commissioned by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta to determine individual giving patterns of the Atlanta, Georgia region. Baseline data was collected from approximately 2500 residents.

Author(s): Compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy
Date of Publication: 2003

Slate, MSN's online magazine, publishes an annual list of the 60 largest individual contributors to charitable causes in the U.S. This list, compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy from 2003 data.

Author(s): Flanagan, Joan
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

Successful Fundraising gives both volunteer leaders and professional fundraisers proven techniques for gaining access to available funds, raising more money more quickly, and building a stronger, more productive organization. Packed with real-life examples from the authors own fundraising experience, this handbook is complete with planning guidelines, sample worksheets, and timetables.