Author(s): Koblin Schear, Susan
Date of Publication: Winter 2003

Marketing Your Organization in Tough Times reports on National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) roundtable discussion held in New York City on November 14, 2002. Participants shared the challenges and concerns they faced for marketing their organizations during tough times.

Author(s): Hill, Elizabeth; O'Sullivan, Terry; O'Sullivan, Catherine
Date of Publication:

As a comprehensive overview of all aspects of marketing in the sector, Creative Arts Marketing remains unrivalled.

Author(s): Randy I. Cohen and Margaret Jane Wyszomirski
Date of Publication: November 2002

In 1998, The Pew Charitable Trusts commissioned Americans for the Arts and The Ohio State University Arts Policy and Administration Program to analyze public and private sources of support for arts and culture. This report is the result of that research.

Author(s): Bush, Robert
Date of Publication: December 2003

In communities of all sizes, United Arts Ffunds (UAF) are working to broaden the base of support for the arts, promote excellence in the arts and arts management, and to ensure that arts organizations are financially stable.

Author(s): Colbert, Francois
Date of Publication: Fall 2003

It is around the particularities of cultural marketing that entrepreneurship and leadership in marketing the arts must be articulated. The marketing process in the arts starts with the creative work; the manager cannot modify this core product. Thus the marketing process in the arts is conceptually different from that in other fields.

Author(s): Greenberg, Arthur
Date of Publication: Jun 30, 1995

It is the intent of this issue of Monographs to explore a variety of ways in which local arts agencies can provide a valuable service to their communities and arts organization constituents by becoming more active in the sometimes overwhelming world of marketing.

Author(s): Kotler, Philip and Scheff, Joanne
Date of Publication: Dec 04, 1996

The authors apply the full spectrum of marketing principles to an industry that has long resisted them--the performing arts. Drawing on a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, the authors review all of the key marketing functions--from segmentation to pricing to public relations--in the context of arts management, illustrated through numerous examples.

Author(s): Francie Ostrower
Date of Publication:

The diversity of arts participation is examined in this brief, which reports on findings from a national survey of cultural participation commissioned by The Wallace Foundation and conducted by the Urban Institute.

Author(s): Grant, Daniel
Date of Publication: Jul 31, 2004

The subject of art, copyright protection and the Internet are explored in this article.

Author(s): Americans for the Arts
Date of Publication: October 2012

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