Author(s): Respini, Eva
Date of Publication: Feb 01, 2018

Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today traces the relationship between internet culture and artistic practice through the work of contemporary artists such as Ed Atkins, Camille Henrot, and Anicka Yi, and looks back to pre-internet pioneers including Nam June Paik.

Author(s): John Edson, Garen Kouyoumjian, and Benedict Sheppard
Date of Publication: Dec 01, 2017

This report explores the underlying design practices that allow some firms to succeed above others across multiple industries. Aiming to uncover the connections between business value and design, the report identifies ten design actions across three themes that appear to correlate with improved performance. Amazon Prime, Apple, Netflix, Tesla are among the companies that get design right.

Author(s): Gisela Williams
Date of Publication: Sep 12, 2017

Artist in residence at industrial and government organizations has become secondary to the more well know artist in resident at "luxury-summer-camp" wgere they remove themselves from the noise and duties of day to day land concentrate on their own creative growth. This artilce discusses the resurgence of interest in the idea of inviting artists to observe, learn and work within mainstream government agencies and institutions, among entrepreneurs and scientists as well as among the artists themselves.

Author(s): King, Morgana and Canzonetti, Anne, Editor
Date of Publication: Sep 01, 2017

Natural disasters are a part of life and unavoidable in many parts of the country. It is necessary to be prepared for when nature strikes a public art collection. This paper is a case study on the reaction to and lessons learned during the recovery of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck the city in 2005.

Author(s): Thys, Elizabeth
Date of Publication: Aug 01, 2017

This workbook focuses on one of the many ways arts organizations can work with businesses: corporate art activations. This concept lives under employee engagement as culture building or creativity training as well as physical space transformation. Brooklyn-based limeSHIFT has developed a methodology for delivering this type of engagement through visual or experiential art focused on increasing employees’ capacities to work collectively and collaboratively with empathy, from a heightened state of attention and observation, and with a newfound ability to innovate and change. limeSHIFT

Author(s): Nspiregreen
Date of Publication: Apr 01, 2017

In early winter 2016, the City of Alexandria engaged Nspiregreen, a local consulting firm, to assist with development of a Streetscape Toolbox (toolbox).This toolbox is primarily intended for use by private property owners to guide the development of a more pedestrian-friendly, active streetscape that speaks to the artistic and creative character of the City of Alexandria and specifically, the Old Town North neighborhood. The City of Alexandria, community members and other stakeholders may also utilize this toolbox to coordinate temporary uses and activities in the right of way such as

Author(s): Nelson, Erika
Date of Publication: Feb 01, 2017

This essay was written as a means to provide an outlook of the current understandings of what make planning and implement public art in rural areas unique.

Author(s): Jones, Sarah & Wenglowskyj, Andrea
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2017

If you’ve downloaded this guide, chances are that you’re an artist or creative entrepreneur who might feel one or all of the following:

  • †Inadequate at articulating what you do (your brand) in person, in writing, and online
  • Overwhelmed with balancing making work, marketing, business and life
  • †A strong need to make more money from your art or creative work, and get the major opportunities that will propel your career further

Author(s): Waldorf, Lynn
Date of Publication: Feb 01, 2016

This needs assessment report quantifies key challenges facing Colorado’s visual artists and identifies potential solutions to those challenges. The information will help Colorado Artists, other arts organizations and local cultural agencies better understand and collectively respond to the needs of the state’s creative community.

Author(s): Americans for the Arts
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2016

This report is an in-depth look at the perceptions and attitudes about the arts in the United States. An Americans for the Arts and Ipsos Public Affairs survey of more than 3,000 American adults over the age of 18 in December 2015, provides current insight on topics including support for arts education and government arts funding, personal engagement in the arts, the personal benefits and well-being that come from engaging in the arts, and if/how those benefits extend more broadly to the community.