Author(s): Barbara Byrd-Bennett
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2013

This new plan is grounded in research that reveals the importance of arts education, and provides data that clearly establishes the starting point—the current state of the arts in CPS The first-ever CPS Arts Education Plan will provide specific recommendations to improve, expand, and strategically coordinate arts education across the District.

Author(s): Wolf, Lea and Wolk, Dennie
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2012

This exploratory paper, May the Songs I Have Written Speak for Me: An Exploration of the Potential of Music in Juvenile Justice, sets out to answer the question, “What is the potential of music in the lives of court-involved youth?” Written by WolfBrown in partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, the paper is a major investigation of the potential of music to make contributions to the lives of young people in juvenile justice settings, building on the current work of many of the institutions committed to these young people.

Author(s): Sidford, Holly
Date of Publication: Oct 01, 2011

In this report, we make the case that more foundation funding in the arts should directly benefit lower-income communities, people of color and disadvantaged populations, broadly defined, and that more resources should be allocated to expand the role of arts and culture in addressing the inequalities that challenge our communities. There are compelling humanistic, demographic, aesthetic and economic reasons to move in this direction. By doing so, philanthropy can shape a more inclusive and dynamic cultural sector, as well as a more equitable, fair and democratic world.

Author(s): Webb, Duncan M.
Date of Publication: Nov 01, 2007

While nobody truly knows what to expect 25 years from now, the convening indicated that cultural facility leaders in 2032 will require greater community-building skills, new leadership styles, and the ability to build different physical spaces.

Author(s): Altria Group, Inc.
Date of Publication: Apr 01, 2006

In 2005, The Altria Group, Inc. initiated the third in a three part series of programs testing the efficacy of an outcome management framework in its major grantmaking areas. This third area, and the subject of this case study, is the arts, specifically contemporary dance, and an area which has been a hallmark of Altria’s corporate giving.

Author(s): Arts Council England
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2006

"This prospectus has been produced to celebrate and promote the benefits of the arts in improving everyone's wellbeing, health and healthcare, and its role in supporting those who work in and with the Health Service. In it, we show that the arts can, and do, make a major contribution to key health and wider community issues. The examples and case studies included here are a small sample of the many inspirational projects all over the country. They illustrate the scale, quality and breadth of activity, and are a tribute to the vision, commitment and expertise of all involved in arts

Author(s): Stravinski Sharrow , Chris
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2006

The Milwaukee Ballet Company launched the "I Am a Dancer" campaign in the summer of 2005, with the thought that if they could introduce the dancers to their fellow Milwaukeeans by highlighting what makes them interesting people in their private lives–it would be a natural way to increase awareness of them and the Milwaukee Ballet Company. The Dancer Campaign centers on photographs of the dancers in their everyday clothes with something that identifies them personally (snowboard, canoe, guitar) and includes a screened-back dance image with the tagline: "I am a dancer..

Author(s): Korza, Pam and Shaffer Bacon, Barbara
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2005

Dialogue in Artistic Practice explores the work of three exemplary artist companies. Case studies examine the Animating Democracy projects implemented by these companies, as well as their long traditions of community engagement, to highlight how dialogue is inherently a part of their artistic practice. Through a form that alternates dance performance and dialogue, Urban Bush Women’s Hair Parties Project taps personal experiences to generate dialogue about the politics of hair within the African-American community and to examine deeper issues of race, class, and

Author(s): Korza, Pam and Atlas, Caron
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2005

Critical Perspectives: Writings on Art and Civic Dialogue is a collection of essays that explore art, civic dialogue, and reflective critical writing. Twelve essays focus on three compelling and very different projects supported by Animating Democracy that employed the unique capacities of theater, visual art, and historic preservation to stimulate people to talk together in new ways about issues that matter in their communities: Dell’Arte theater’s Dentalium Project, about the impact of a Native American casino on the small town of Blue Lake, CA; MACLA’s

Author(s): Cravatts, Richard L.
Date of Publication: Apr 11, 2004

According to this op-ed by Richard L. Cravatts, publisher of the Boston Classical Network, the Strand Theater of Boston is at risk of losing financial support by the city and private supporters due to its poor management. If the or other struggling nonprofit organizations are to survive, they will need to form strategic collaborations through working alliances with businesses, community groups, or other nonprofits.