Author(s): Crane, Liz
Date of Publication: December 2010

In this paper, Lyz Crane draws on the work of practitioners and researchers to characterize the field of arts-based community development in which arts and culture can help achieve place based change related to the physical, social, and economic dimensions of place.  From the premise that the existence of arts is considered a powerful end in itself, Crane then outlines the variety of ways that the actors and activities involved in arts and community development work can relate to and interact with each other to create sustainable communities.  Looking at the cultural ecology of

Author(s): Whang, Vanessa
Date of Publication: December 2019

In 2015, the MAP Fund undertook a deep examination of one of its foundational priorities: racial equity in arts and culture grantmaking. In this case study by Vanessa Whang, follow MAP’s layered inquiry to examine biases in its: application platform, guidelines and requirements, applicant advisory supports and communications, and adjudication processes.

Author(s): VanDeCarr, Paul
Date of Publication: 2015

This guide is for anyone who wants to create social change, and who wants to learn how storytelling can help.

Author(s): Bacon, Barbara Schaffer; Korza, Pam
Date of Publication: May 2013

A May 22 Funder Exchange on Evaluating Arts & Social Impact, presented by Americans for the Arts’ Animating Democracy program and hosted by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, brought together funders, evaluation professionals, and arts practitioners to learn about concrete approaches and measures funders are using to understand the impact of arts and social change investments.

Author(s): Animating Democracy Staff
Date of Publication: Nov 22, 2021

Animating Democracy has highlighted eight notable blog salons on ARTSblog, covering topics that range from humor's underlooked  role in social progression to the intersection of excellence and equity in arts and cultural practices. 

Author(s): Bacon, Schaffer Barbara; Korza, Pam
Date of Publication: 2010

Findings based on 228 grantmaker survey responses and 32 interviews suggest that arts and social change philanthropy is an emerging field and therefore still very much evolving. However, there is a wider range and a larger number of grantmakers supporting arts for change in some way than has been generally recognized. Focusing on grantmaking in the United States, the report characterizes the nature of support from both private and public sectors, examining how grantmakers think about social change in the context of agency goals and what outcomes they are looking for through their support.

Author(s): McQueen, Ann
Date of Publication: September 2013

Read about how the Lambent Foundation leverages the critical role of arts and culture at the intersection of social justice. Through its grantmaking and creative programs, Lambent explores the impact of contemporary art as a strategy for promoting sustainable cultural practices in New York City, New Orleans, and Nairobi. Learn more about the Foundation’s current work and Executive Director Michelle Coffey’s vision for the future in this paper and podcast interview by Ann McQueen.

Author(s): Animating Democracy
Date of Publication: Oct 5, 2022

Aesthetics Perspectives Coherence poster - 11 x 17 in

Author(s): Animating Democracy
Date of Publication: Oct 5, 2022

Aesthetic Perspectives Coherence 18 x 24 in

Author(s): Animating Democracy
Date of Publication: Oct 5, 2022

Aesthetic Perspectives Commitment Poster 11 x 17in