Author(s): Grant, Daniel
Date of Publication: Jul 31, 2004

The subject of art, copyright protection and the Internet are explored in this article.

Author(s): Wallace, Nicole; with contributions by Kerkman, Leah; Krauze, Stanley W.; and Moore, Cassie J.
Date of Publication: Jun 09, 2004

Online giving to the country's largest charities surged in 2003, as many groups posted double- and triple-digit percentage gains, according to The Chronicle' s fifth annual survey of online fund raising. Combined Internet donations to the 157 nonprofit groups that provided data for this year's survey topped $100-million.

Author(s): Canogar, Daniel
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2004

The author discusses three light shows: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's Vectorial Elevation, Jennifer Steinkamp's Aria, and Leo Villareal's Supercluster.

Author(s): Leslie, Russell P.
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2004

This article discusses the use of electric light sources in permanent light-art installations.

Author(s): Seefeldt, Carol
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2004

This article explains and gives tips on how early childhood teachers can utilize special momentsン to interactively teach a child about the sciences.

Author(s): Naimark, Michael
Date of Publication: Jan 31, 2004

Technology-based art has become increasingly of interest to both the art and the technology communities, as well as to the public at large. It has been adopted by art centers interested in technology and by research labs interested in art, places with different cultures and histories.

New support opportunities exist for tech-based art, such as commercializing invention and tapping a new generation of collectors, patrons and sponsors. But tech-based art is still art, which suffers from deep cultural inadequacies in the . Based on travel and discussion both inside and outside the

Author(s): Lessig, Lawrence
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2004

Free Culture looks at how the big media corporations are using legal avenues to regulate new technologies that subsequently shrink the public domain of ideas, and how these corporations are using these same technologies to control what we can and can't do with culture.

Author(s): Picard, Robert G.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2003

This article explores the nature of losses when protected works are stolen, infringed, or pirated and how the losses differ significantly for materials in physical and virtual form.

Author(s): Bhagat, Vinay
Date of Publication: Nov 30, 2003

This article offers tips to organizations for waging an effective, online advocacy program and integrating it with other activities to successfully manage constituent relationships.

Author(s): McSherry, Corynne
Date of Publication: Sep 30, 2003

Drawing on legal, historical, and qualitative research, the author explores the propertization of academic work and shows how that process is shaking the foundations of the university, the professoriate, and intellectual property law.