Author(s): Cherbo, Joni Maya
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 1999

Given that the theater world thrives in both the nonprofit and the for-profit sectors, this paper attempts to discern the interplay between commercial and nonprofit live theater in America.

Author(s): Cherbo, Joni Maya
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1997

As the not-for-profit sector of society grows, becoming more sophisticated, and more interactive with the commercial sector, scrutiny of the benefits that accrue to 501(c)(3) entities will increase and may affect the theatre community. Yet, because live theatre in America is a small industry in which only a handful of individuals make money, no interest groups are lobbying that they are being unfairly hurt, and few situations have pushed acceptable legal limits between the sectors, no significant red flags have been raised to date.|Clearly, the many ways in which not-for-profit and commercial

Author(s): Shagan, Rena
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1995

This book is designed to be used in two ways: (1) as a basic handbook for the people directly involved in touring, including those who may not have been exposed to the subject previously, those individuals or organizations contemplating touring for the first time, and those considerng a significant change in the amount or method of their touring; and (2) as a general resource for administrative and financial staff connected with companies that tour who, although not directly responsible for booking or tour administration, wish to acquaint themselves with this component of the company's

Author(s): Hanzhanz, Jorg-Dieter
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1994

Author(s): Lewis, Cathy
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

Directory of performing arts companies and organizations in Canada and the U.S. with emphasis on major and medium scale professional companies. It includes some of the more notable smaller scale companies, particularly in dance, because of the international touring opportunities afforded them. (Introduction)

Author(s): Bender, Brian and Buck, Douglas
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

The article deals with the success of managing an ensemble group called Tafelmusik, whose home base is Toronto.

Author(s): National Endowment for the Arts, Research Division
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

According to the most recent estimates from the Census of Service Industries in 1987, the U.S. Bureau of the Census counted 9,271 performing arts organizations (excluding motion pictures) of which 2,038 were nonprofit (tax exempt) and 7,233 were taxable (for profit). This is an increase of 11% from 1982 when 8,322 performing arts organizations were counted. There was great variation among the states in the balance of taxable and nonprofit organizations. Nevada had the greatest percentage of taxable organizations (94% of the 119 total performing arts organizations in the state); North Dakota

Author(s): Zeder, Suzan L
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

The author discusses Theatre for Young Audiences companies and programs.

Author(s): Samuels, Steven
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1991

This directory profiles nonprofit theatre companies in the , sometimes called regional or resident theatres. The information has been provided by the theatre. Listings are alphabetical and include; description of the background and development of the theatre; information on productions for the 1989-1990 and 1990-1991 seasons; performing space name, seating capacity and type of stage; financial information; types of Actors Equity and other contracts; names of artistic director and other management personnel and contact information.

Author(s): Very Special Arts
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1991

Description of a project, begun in 1982, by Very Special Arts between the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and students who are blind from New York City schools.