Author(s): Pepin, Christopher
Date of Publication: Oct 01, 2000

This article does not really address copyright law relevant to arts organization or artists, but is an interesting look at Canadian libraries and demonstrates the dramatic differences that exist even between common law countries. For example, in the , fair use (most simply, nonprofit use is fair use) is practiced. However, in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, the operative concept is fair dealing. That is, most simply, all reproduction is copyright infringement except for a very few and very narrowly defined exceptions.

Author(s): Cvjeticanin, Biserka; Kamba, Angeline S.; Phongpaichit, Pasuk
Date of Publication: Jul 31, 2000

All countries are challenged, to varying degrees, with the similar problem of cultural identity and diversity. In this issue, the topics surrounding cultural identity and multiculturalism are analyzed and discussed.

Author(s): Bresler, Liora
Date of Publication: Apr 30, 2000

Part of a symposium on arts education policy in Africa. The meaning of arts education policy cannot be isolated from the conditions under which it is produced and in which it functions. This interconnectedness is especially striking in a number of African nations, where policy is shaped by the striking changes involved in the transition from colony to independent nation. Published in the Arts Education Policy Review, May/June 2000.

Author(s): Cvjeticanin, Biserka; Kleberg, Carl Johan; Knutsson, Karl Eric; Gordon, Christopher
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2000

Cultural policies and new technologies of communication.

Author(s): Epskamp, Kees; Gould, Helen; Isar, Yudhishthir Raj; Claxton, Mervyn; Gutierrez, Guillermo; Prentki, Tim; Pammenter, Dave; Mavrocordatos, Alex; Matarasso, Francois; Beck, Paola; See
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1999

The focus of this special issue is to explore and illustrate the differences between two sets of terminology: Culture and development. Cultural development. It explains historically how these terminologies emerged and how they are evidenced by policies, projects, and activities around the world. (from abstract)

Author(s): Research Division
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1999

This National Endowment for the Arts research note, Research Division Note #74, summarizes the latest research comparing government (public) arts expenditures in the U.S. with the spending levels of other countries.

Author(s): Wu Hung
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1999

University of Chicago professor Hung Wuy defines experimental art in China, and explains it role and history since its beginnings in 1979.

Author(s): Cvjeticanin, Biserka; Dragojevic, Sanjin; Duffy, Terence; Tzitzikosta, Ketty; Maties, Rodica
Date of Publication: Oct 31, 1999

The Culture of Peace, as a common ground of individual, local, and global cultural contexts of tolerance and development, creates new spaces for all culture by supporting cultural diversity, exchanges, and intercultural communication and by promoting respect for particular culture values, shielded by tolerance. (from abstract)

Author(s): Stephen Henkin
Date of Publication: Jan 31, 1999

Little Angels Art School in Seol, Korea aims to help young artists build personal character while studying the arts and traditional academics. Little Angels has excellent facilities, nearly four thousand students between its elementary, junior and senior high, and its students have recieved international recognition.

Author(s): Australia Council
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1997

A new Australian Council resource for arts organizations which focuses specifically on the development of non-English speaking background audiences. In doing so it brings together two key concerns: the Council's Arts for a Multicultural Australia policy and our ongoing commitment to audience development, in particular marketing skills development. (from abstract)