Author(s): Battelle Memorial Institute and Arizona State University, Morrison Institute for Public Policy
Date of Publication: Apr 30, 2004

This final report of the Maricopa Regional Arts and Culture Task Force illustrates the economic importance of arts and culture; outlines the financial challenges facing Maricopa County, Arizonas arts and culture institutions; and recommends strategies and actions for improving the arts and culture sector.

Author(s): Bucci McCoy, Mary
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2004

This article describes LocalMotive: Public Art Off the Beaten Path, a project of The Revolving Museum located in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Author(s): Becker, Jack
Date of Publication: Mar 01, 2004

This Monograph offers an overview of the field for people new to public art and reports on results from the first-ever survey of the Publica Art Network of Americans for the Arts.

Author(s): Bulick, Bill; with Coletta, Carol; Jackson, Colin; Taylor, Andrew; Wolff, Steven
Date of Publication: Nov 01, 2003

Civic leaders around the are cultivating new economic development strategies to build creative capital, and many are taking a fresh look at how cultural development contributes to communities. This monograph examines issues related to these topics and provides a case study of a creative city.

Author(s): Jan C. Semenza
Date of Publication: Aug 31, 2003

Collective actions of "place-making" in Sunnyside, Portland, OR through community involvement in public art has resulted in increased social capital, thus revitalizing the community, and expanded social networks among residents have stimulated a sense of well-being.

Author(s): Technology Partnership Practice and Battelle Memorial Institute, Editors
Date of Publication: Aug 31, 2003

This report presents the results of a benchmarking study conducted for the Maricopa Regional Task Force on Arts and Culture Force (representing Maricopa County, Arizona) to compare the approach being taken to support investment in arts and culture in nine peer and competitor regions.

Author(s): Adelstein, Jonathan S.
Date of Publication: May 20, 2003

This paper reflect the remarks made by FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein Before The Media Institute on May 20, 2003.

Author(s): Dreeszen, Craig
Date of Publication: Mar 01, 2003

Small and rural communities across the country continue to face drastic population shifts and economic upheaval. Many efforts are underway in these areas to create and implement economic revitalization strategies. In analyzing resources, strengths, and needs, communities are increasingly seeing the potential of their existing creative economies ンsectors of the economy that include arts, culture and heritage organizations, businesses, and workers ンas strong revenue, employment, and quality of life generators, or "creative industries."

Author(s): Richard LLoyd
Date of Publication: Nov 30, 2002

Drawing on an extended case study of Chicagos Wicker Park neighborhood, this article develops the concept of neo-bohemia that creates the context for the redevelopment of former industrial spaces in Chicago.

Author(s): Kleiman, Neil Scott; with Keegan, Robin; Fischer, David; Gordon, Margery; Duitch, Suri; Kane, Michael; Zook, Kristal Brent
Date of Publication: Nov 10, 2002

This groundbreaking report by the Center details how arts & culture is fueling economic growth in New York City neighborhoods. (Publishers description)