Author(s): Weinstein, Stanley
Date of Publication: Feb 28, 2002

The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management, Second Edition provides a user-friendly road map for fundraising success in a highly competitive philanthropic environment. A practical how-to book tailored specifically to the needs of professional and volunteer fundraisers, it moves beyond theory to address the day-to-day problems faced in these organizations, and offers sound advice and proven solutions. The book and accompanying CD-ROM include all the tools, tips, and techniques you need to make your nonprofit stronger and find the resources you need.

Author(s): Massarsky, Cynthia W. and Beinhacker, Samantha L.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

"Nonprofit managers who develop social purpose ventures to generate revenues to support a social mission have limited opportunities to share their experiences with others in the field or to learn from the experiences of others. Many nonprofit managers also have modest business backgrounds. Yet, despite these challenges, the movement toward income generation by nonprofits continues to grow. Some of these ventures succeed, yet many more fail to meet either their social or financial goals. Clearly, the field lacks well-defined criteria, standards, and strategies for achieving success in this area

Author(s): Burger, Gary; Backer, Thomas E., Ph.D.; Coppard, Larry C.; Sarbaugh, Janet
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

This is a transcription from a session at Grantmakers in the Arts 2001 Annual Conference, Culture Influencing Community Change, held in New Paltz, New York on November 6, 2001.

Author(s): Lawrence, Steven
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

Tables and Figures.
Key Findings.

Trends in Giving: 1980 through 2000
Growth in Giving, 2000
Subject Focus.
Human Services.
Arts and Culture.
Public/Society Benefit.
Environment and Animals.
International Affairs, Development and Peace.
Social Science.
Types of Recipient Organizations.
Types of Support.
Special Populations.
Giving Trends of the 100 Largest Foundations.
Giving Trends by Foundation Region.
Giving Trends of Independent,

Author(s): The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

The 47th installment of Giving USA's annual guide for American philanthropy features a special section focused on the philanthropic affects of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. As always, the publication offers figures and analysis of giving trends for the previous year.

Author(s): Jane Culbert and Dr. Thomas Wolf
Date of Publication: Nov 01, 2001

Are significant new trends developing in philanthropy or are we witnessing an evolution that has been underway for decades? Are the new donors so different from their predecessors? This Monograph examines these questions, and considers how the trends are affecting giving in the cultural sector and the associated lessons for arts agencies.

Author(s): Warwick, Mal; Hart, Ted; Allen, Nick, Editors
Date of Publication: Oct 31, 2001

In this second edition of the popular Fundraising on the Internet, Mal Warwick, Ted Hart, Nick Allen, and a sterling group of experts in the field have completely rewritten the first-ever hands-on guide for navigating the ever-changing world of fundraising on the Internet.

Author(s): Independent Sector
Date of Publication: Oct 31, 2001

Independent Sector's Giving and Volunteering in the 2001 is the seventh in a series of biennial national surveys that reported trends in charitable behavior. For the 1.23 million charities, social welfare organizations, and religious congregations in the , giving and volunteering is at the heart of citizen action and central to their ability to serve their communities. This comprehensive study demonstrates once again the everyday generosity of Americans.

Author(s): Tempkin, Terrie
Date of Publication: Oct 31, 2001

It is that time of year again. Along with carols on the radio and extended shopping hours, it is the time when people are thinking about making their end-of-the-year donations. It is also the time when board members in nonprofit organizations are praying that they will capture their share of these philanthropic dollars. Most board members hate to ask people for money. But even the most fundraising-phobic board members can contribute to their organization's fund development process.

Author(s): Pettey, Janice Gow
Date of Publication: Oct 31, 2001

Raising money in todays diverse communities is a growing challenge for fundraisers and philanthropists, requiring thoughtful strategies, successful collaborations, and a respectful understanding of peoples differences.