Author(s): Cuesta, Carlo M.; Gillespie, Dana M.; Lillis, Padraic
Date of Publication: Aug 31, 2005

This report summarizes findings from a McKnight Foundations study which examined the impact of the arts on the community and economic health of eight rural Minnesota towns.

Date of Publication: Jun 02, 2005

The importance of the cultural planning approach and the development of an organised cultural cluster operating and renewing itself in a virtuous synergy with the other functions of the city, are analysed as key actions in putting culture at the centre of a sustainable urban development.

Author(s): National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
Date of Publication: May 31, 2005

This report provides an overview of legislative appropriations to state arts agencies for fiscal year 2005, analyses of state budget trends and information on recent appropriations changes.

Author(s): Cameron, Ben
Date of Publication: May 25, 2005

Given my background, you would normally expect me to make this argument from the viewpoint of the not- for-profit sector or from the arts community that I am now privileged to represent.

Author(s): Mulcahy, Kevin V.
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2005

This article by Kevin V. Mulcahy is a reconstruction of his keynote address at the 1st Annual Ringling Cultural Symposium in Sarasota, Florida, February 3-15, 2003. The purpose of the publication is to share information and encourage others to contribute papers on policy issues which affect Florida's arts institutions.

Author(s): Uhlir, Edward K.
Date of Publication: Mar 31, 2005

Chicago's Millennium Park is a case study in how to create demand for downtown services and real estate.

Author(s): Weiping Wu
Date of Publication: Feb 11, 2005

The author focuses on how urban policies and the clustering of creative industries has influenced urban outcomes. The set of creative industries include those with output protectable under some form of intellectual property law. More specifically, this sub-sector encompasses software, multimedia, video games, industrial design, fashion, publishing, and research and development

Author(s): New York City Global Partners Inc.
Date of Publication: Jan 31, 2005

Contains short descriptions and contact information for all public art resources in New York City. Published by the Sister City Program of the City of New York.

Author(s): Greffe, Xavier; Pflieger, Sylvie; Noya, Antonella
Date of Publication: Jan 11, 2005

Published by the OECD. Building on recent international case studies, Culture and Local Development shows how public policies can foster culture as a lever for local economic development in terms of partnerships, tax relief, and other innovative instruments. The book also sets out the implications for national governments in the fields of education and intellectual property rights.

Author(s): Siegel, Beth; Kane, Michael; Becker, Beate; with Dimitrova, Ralitsa; Latner, Jonathan; Meneray, Gene; Nathan, Jeanne; Kristjanson, Zopari
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2005

This report defines and analyzes Louisianas cultural economy and recommends strategies through which it can be developed.