Download the full PDF version of the agenda here. Click on the session titles below to read the session description and speakers' bios. If handouts or Powerpoint slides are available for a session, they are included below the session title.
8:30 am

Breakfast and Networking

9:00 am

Speakers: Narric Rome, Ayanna N. Hudson, Doug Herbert

9:20 am

States of Change: The Arts Leading the Way for Student Success Opening Keynote
Speaker: Dr. Monique M . Chism

10:00 am

Spotlight on the Every Student Succeeds Act Plenary
Speakers: Narric Rome, Dr. Monique M . Chism, Kristen Amundson, Lee Posey


Narric Rome Presentation

Kristen Amundson Presentation

Lee Posey Presentation

Additional Resources:

To assist state education leaders and policymakers, Education Commission of the States compiled a summary of available resources related to ESSA.

As part of their State Policy Pilot Program, Americans for the Arts produced a webinar about the ins and outs of the bill. 

General overview of ESSA, provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

10:45 am Coffee Break
11:00 am

Remarks Jeremy Anderson, President, Education Commission of the States
Download: ECS Session Presentation

11:15 am

Local Funding Responses to State Accountability
Speakers: Sandra Ruppert, Steve Venz, Doug Israel, AmySue Mertens

12:00 pm Lunchtime Reflection: Translating Insights into Action
Speakers: Kristen Engebretsen, Cheri Sterman
Download: Crayola Presentation
1:30 pm

Concurrent Deep Dives Round 1
The Role and Contribution of the Arts in State Education Policy:

Deep Dive 1:  Bringing Together State Agencies for the Common Good
Speakers: Ayanna N. Hudson, Amber Sharples, Betty Plumb, Christine Fisher

Deep Dive 2:  The Arts Inside Models for Success – A look at STEAM
Speakers: Kate McClanahan, Andrew Watson, Nettrice Gaskins
Download: STEAM handout

Deep Dive 3:  Using Data to Drive Policy
Speakers: Robert B. Morrison, Julie Palkowski, Sunil Iyengar


Deep Dive 4:  Achieving the Goals of Title I through the Arts
Speakers: Myran Parker-Brass, Joe Landon, Laura Smyth, Lynn Tuttle


2:20 pm Break
2:40 pm Concurrent Deep Dives Round 2 (Repeat)
The Role and Contribution of the Arts in State Education Policy
3:30 pm Snack Break
3:45 pm

Remarks Mario Rossero, Senior Vice President of Education, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Download: Kennedy Center presentation

4:00 pm

Remarks Robert Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts


Americans for the Arts presentation

Public Opion Poll Data

4:15 pm

Closing Plenary: Continual States of Change
Speaker: Michael J. Petrilli, Robert Lynch

5:00 pm