Update Your Dun & Bradstreet Business Profile

Organizations or individuals that already have a D-U-N-S number should check regularly to make sure that their business profile is up to date. There are two components to your business profile:

  1. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code
  2. General background information

We have found that some of the arts organizations that already have a D-U-N-S number are associated with incorrect Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes in the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) database.

Use D&B’s iUpdate service to confirm and update other background information about your organization, including the business address and the number of people employed. Both pieces of information are vital to the success of our Creative Industries research and to increase awareness of the scope and impact of the U.S. arts industry.

Changing your Standard Industrial Classification Code

Unfortunately, you cannot change SIC code via the D&B webpage. You must call D&B, whose operators are knowledgeable and friendly. The call should take less than 10 minutes. To change your SIC code:

Step 1. Use the SIC code table in the FAQ section to identify the most accurate SIC code for your organization.

Step 2. Call D&B (866.705.5711) and tell the operator that you would like to request the SIC code that is currently associated with your organization. If this code is not the one you identified using our chart, ask the operator to change it to the one you have chosen.   

Updating general background information

If you don’t have your D-U-N-S password, sign up for iUpdate, a service that allows you to change your profile 24 hours a day. Once you receive a password from iUpdate, return to the web page and log in. 

Step 1.  Visit D&B's iUpdate web page.

Step 2.  Log in to view and update your organization’s profile.


Don’t have a DUNS number? View instructions on how to register for one.

Still have questions? Visit the Sign up and Be Counted FAQ page.