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There is greater strength in numbers. Strategic partnerships are crucial to Americans for the Arts because they champion an idea that is central to our day-to-day work: the arts are a vital tool—a “secret weapon”—that can address wide-ranging challenges across sectors and from every corner of our country.

Together, we can strengthen arts in the economy, in schools, in communities, in the military, in our healthcare system, and more. Our list of partners is as extensive as our scope of work. Learn more about Americans for the Arts’ strategic partnerships.

National Arts Awards
Celebrating outstanding leadership in the arts, arts education and philanthropy

BCA 10 Awards
Top businesses partnering with the arts in America

Policy Roundtables
Cross-sector forums imagining and strategizing the future of the arts

Artists Committee
Leading artists advocating on behalf of the arts

Regional Events
Special events to connect with other leaders in the arts community

Our staff at Americans for the Arts are leaders in the arts industry. We are here for you, and available to serve as guest lecturers, keynotes, panelists, conveners, session leaders, reviewers, policy experts, and writers, wherever we’re needed.

Presentations can be targeted toward arts, government, business, education, or combined community audiences at the local, state, and national levels. We present research with key insights and put local results in a national context.

Visit the speakers bureau to learn more.

The Latest News
Photo looking up the stairs outside the U.S. Capitol building, a white marble structure with columns and a tall multi-tiered dome.
March 7, 2023
Legislative News

The Charitable Act would expand and extend the expired non-itemized deduction for charitable giving, and would once again provide and enhance a tax incentive for greater philanthropy toward arts and culture, among other sectors. Americans for the Arts and Americans for the Arts Action Fund have endorsed this important piece of legislation.

A six-piece brass band performs on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience, against a colorful backdrop that reads: Annual Convention 2022.
February 16, 2023
Americans for the Arts News

During 2022’s Strategic Realignment Process, we worked with members and other stakeholders to identify the specific and unique role of Americans for the Arts within the arts and culture community. While we continue to evaluate and evolve our offerings, here’s the latest update on some of our flagship events, including the National Arts Action Summit, Annual Convention, and the National Arts Marketing Project Conference.

A grid of five smiling people -- the first three wearing dark blazers, white shirts, and blue patterned ties. The second two wearing black caps, dark shirts, and necklaces.
January 20, 2023
Press Releases

Americans for the Arts and The United States Conference of Mayors today presented the 2023 Public Leadership in the Arts Awards to three elected officials, and Legendary Artist Awards to two artists, at The U.S. Conference of Mayors 91st Winter Meeting in Washington, DC. The honorees included Dan McKee, Governor of Rhode Island; David Holt, Mayor of Oklahoma City; Jon Mitchell, Mayor of New Bedford, Massachusetts; and Louis “Eric B” Barrier, hip-hop artist and pioneer in the rap genre and Kool DJ Red Alert, hip-hop DJ, were awarded with Legendary Artist Awards.

Person leaning against a building with wooden siding, arms crossed, wearing a black hat, blue pattered short-sleeved shirt, necklace with a white bird pendant, and a turquoise ring.
January 11, 2023
Press Releases

Americans for the Arts today announced visual artist G. Peter Jemison (Heron Clan, Seneca Nation) as the recipient of the 2023 Johnson Fellowship for Artists Transforming Communities. This year’s $70,000 award honors an individual artist or culture bearer who does their creative work in and with rural communities with the purpose of building community, fostering participation in community life, advancing cultural and/or racial equity, and/or addressing specific issues that affect the well-being of rural communities.