Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In March 2014, the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) published its annual State of the Nonprofit Sector. Our VP of Research, Randy Cohen, breaks down the findings for us on ARTSBlog

Among all of the nonprofit survey respondents, 28 percent ended 2013 with a deficit. Arts organizations fared a bit worse with 30 percent ending 2013 with a deficit. Ever the optimists, and definitely a sign of an improving economy, only 15 percent of arts organizations project ending 2014 with a deficit. Both the Index and NFF report show arts organizations just a few percentage points worse than all nonprofits in their tendency to run deficits - the last National Arts Index report showed about 40 percent of all nonprofit arts organizations filing an IRS 990 tax form finishing 2011 with an operating deficit. 

In response to questions about priorities for the future, it is no surprise that 47% of nonprofits indicated that achieving long-term stability was their number one priroity. 

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