Mixed Results for Arts Education Friendly Measures

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

On Tuesday, November 8, voters in California, Colorado, and Florida cast ballots in favor or against measures to improve access to and support for arts education. Read more information below on the results.



Sahuarita Unified School District—Proposition 451 & 452

The property tax levy would provide capital money for facility upgrades and repairs, safe and reliable school buses and security systems, as well as instructional resources including books, technology, fine arts, athletics, etc. for the next 7 years. The proposition came about due to an 85% reduction of state funding for school districts.

Results: While votes are still being counted, 98% of precincts are reporting, and both propositions are passing. Proposition 451 is leading with 4,590 to 4,375, and Proposition 452 is ahead with 5,063 in favor to 3,872 against.



Berkeley Unified School District—Berkeley Public Schools Educational Excellence Act of 2016, Measure E1*

This ballot measure would renew a parcel tax that funds the school district's school libraries, training for teachers, student support, music programs, and instructional technology. It was previously renewed in 1994, 2004 and 2006.

Result: Measure E1 passed with 88.28% of the vote and will continue for another 8 years.


Pittsburg Unified—Measure S

This levy would be a $91 annual tax per parcel for 7 years with annual inflation adjustments of $6. It would raise $1.3 million for district art, music, athletic programs and materials.

Results: Measure S also required two-thirds of voters to say yes. The measure reached 66.3% but has not yet reached the two-thirds threshold. However, an undetermined number of ballots are still being counted.


El Rancho Unified School District—Parcel Tax for Music Education, Measure RR*

This ballot measure would impose an annual parcel tax of $99 per parcel; raised funds would be allocated for music education beginning July 1, 2017 and continuing for nine years.

Result: Measure RR required two-thirds of voters to approve and ended up receiving 62.75% of the vote. However votes are still being counted and results are still unofficial.



Vail Unified School District—Proposition 449

It is also known as the "12.5 percent Maintenance & Operations Budget Override Continuation." If approved, the levy will continue a budget override, originally passed voters in 2011, for the next 7 years. The funding would be used to maintain 100 teaching positions, reduce class sizes, provide tutoring, fine arts classes, and salary increases for teachers and non-administrative staff to reduce turnover.

Result: Proposition 449 passed with 57% of voters approving.



Pinellas County Schools Referendum

The Referendum is a renewal of a half-mill property tax that has previously been approved by voters in 2004, 2008, and 2012. The tax funds strengthen art and music programs, technology, and recruit and retain quality teachers. The Referendum currently brings in $36 million.

Result: The Pinellas County Schools Referendum passed by winning 76% of the vote.