Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Americans for the Arts joined with 65 arts organizations (and growing) to demonstrate to a new Administration how the arts can (and should) be included in its broader policy priorities under development.

As presidential transition teams work on planning for a next Administration to take office in January 2017, Americans for the Arts joined the signers of the statement, Advancing the Arts to Support National Policy Priorities, in urging a new Administration to leverage the arts to their full potential by identifying and raising the visibility of the arts in policy issues that cut across federal agencies, including economic and community development, health and wellness, veteran and active duty military care, education and youth development, international diplomacy and cultural exchange, and technology and communications policy.

The statement with 65 organizations in support is accessible at this link. New signers continue to be added. The statement is being delivered to the presidential transition teams, as they work to shape policy priorities for the next Administration in the years to come.