Nora Orphanides

“In this ever-advancing age of technology, the arts will serve as the connective tissue to society—as the link from the past, to the present, into the future.” For Nora Orphanides, the arts connect us all.

Recognizing the powerful role that the arts can play in helping people develop critical life skills, Nora joined the National Patrons Council of Americans for the Arts in 2008. Since then, she has become an ambassador for arts education, championing the cause that is so near and dear to her heart.

Through her years of dedicated service to a range of arts, social service, and healthcare institutions, and experience as a teacher and businesswoman, Nora has a deep understanding of the importance of individual connections. She has witnessed how bringing the right people together around an issue can inspire change and advance the cause further than ever before. This understanding inspired her to host Americans for the Arts’ first National Patrons Council Salon—bringing together artists, business leaders, patrons, and nonprofit leaders from a range of different sectors to talk about the critical importance of the arts and arts education.

Nora understands that it is not just enough to believe in something; you have to be willing to speak out about it. A former ballet scholarship student who went on to become a master ballet teacher and pass her knowledge on to the next generation, she has a deep personal commitment to arts education. She works tirelessly to support the arts in all their forms both locally and across the nation and to share the message that the arts are not a luxury, but a necessity. Nora seeks to inspire others to follow her example by supporting the National Patrons Council and helping to create a new understanding of the value and importance of the arts and arts education in America.