Jun 25, 2021
Cover of the NACF convening report which includes a brightly colored abstract painting of a face.

This week: applications for NEA relief grants, new research on local arts agencies, forging deeper relationships with audiences post-pandemic, support for Indigenous artists and culture bearers, and professional development for early arts leaders of color.

Jun 11, 2021
Screenshot of a virtual conference session with Larissa FastHorse. She is a person with long dark wavy hair wearing a red top. She looks down in reflection.

This week: a letter from the Americans for the Arts Board Chair, reflections on healing post-pandemic through the arts, honoring top arts leaders at Annual Convention, and federal arts funding gets significant support from President Biden. 

Jun 10, 2021
A smiling woman in cat-eye glasses and a colorful plaid scarf.

The American Express Emerging Leader Award is presented as part of Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention and recognizes visionary leadership by an individual who is a new and/or young arts leader who demonstrates an ability to engage and impact their community. The 2021 honoree is Christine Her, Executive Director of ArtForce Iowa.

Jun 04, 2021
A black and white photo of a woman with short light hair wearing a patterned shirt.

The Arts Education Award is presented as part of Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention and recognizes transformational leadership in arts education through strategic planning, strong programming, and the engagement of partners to achieve community goals. The 2021 honoree is Jean Tokuda Irwin, Arts Education Program Manager for the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. 

Jun 03, 2021
A smiling woman with long dark hair and bangs.

The Selina Roberts Ottum Award is presented as part of Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention and recognizes an individual working in arts management who has made a meaningful contribution to their local community and who exemplifies extraordinary leadership qualities. The 2021 honoree is Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts. 

Jun 02, 2021
A smiling woman with long blonde hair and bangs, wearing a dark blazer and large silver earrings.

The Alene Valkanas State Arts Advocacy Award is presented as part of Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention and honors an individual at the state level whose arts advocacy efforts have dramatically affected the political landscape. The 2021 awardee is Julie Baker, Executive Director, Californians for the Arts and California Arts Advocates (Sacramento). 

Jun 01, 2021
A smiling woman with dark curly hair and wearing red glasses

The Michael Newton Award is presented as part of Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention and recognizes an individual for their innovation in developing arts and business partnerships for the arts and/or long-term achievement in effective and creative techniques to engage the private sector. The 2021 honoree is Alma Robinson, Executive Director of California Lawyers for the Arts. 

May 21, 2021
A photo from above of a gray stone building with an open rooftop area featuring trees and other plants and the words “Sky Stage” on the roof edge.

This week: case studies and new learning especially for arts organizations, inspiration for artists looking to promote equity and collaborate with communities, a reversal on executive orders related to public art, and extended scholarships to attend the 2021 Annual Convention.

May 21, 2021
A graphic that reads "2021 Annual Convention, June 8-11, Register Today"

The arts and culture field continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Americans for the Arts expanded access to the Annual Convention through extended scholarship opportunities. Submit a request by Friday, June 4.

May 14, 2021
Four simple line drawings of lion heads frame the inscription: “Chinatown Filipinotown Japantown Little Saigon / were all built on Resilience / We will survive this too.”

This week: Asian American artist-activists using their art to effect change against racism and stereotypes, the work of Newark Arts executive director Jeremy Johnson, the growing roster of speakers and sessions for the 2021 Annual Convention, and remembering Artists Committee member Jacques d’Amboise.