"Into White" Explores the Age-old Question: Is White Really a Color?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Artists debate over whether the color white should be categorized as a color, since it is technically the absence of hue. White is an essential element of any artists palette, even though it is not usually represented on the color wheel.

“Into White” is Greg Mort's solo exhibition of watercolor and oil paintings currently on display at the Somerville Manning Gallery in Greenville, Delaware and runs through Jan. 4, 2014. Mort's work has been featured at the Somerville Gallery for 27 years, and he is recognized today as one of America's leading contemporary artists with watercolor, oil, and pastel images in notable collections around the world. 

In his own words, Mort explains: “This show is about the many shades of white and the variation in those shades. In watercolor paintings you paint the objects, but leave part of the paper untouched. It’s like a pencil drawing with trees and the sky, but for the moon you leave that space white. The lighter the object the more it moves toward you when you’re viewing the painting.”

Read more and see photos of Mort's artwork here.