Friday, November 4, 2016

The Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis (A&E) and Wells Fargo Advisors recently announced a continued partnership in the areas of arts and culture. Wells Fargo Advisors donated an unrestricted amount of $50,000 to one of the nation’s oldest united arts funds to expand access to creativity, encourage collaboration between diverse cultural genres, and help build capacity among local arts organizations.

“The arts are a catalyst for promoting exposure, understanding, awareness and unity,” said Vanessa Cooksey, senior vice president of community affairs at Wells Fargo Advisors. “Art brings people together in a meaningful way. ... We view investment in the arts as critical to maximizing human potential and igniting community conversations that will move our region forward.”

The Arts and Education Council has provided critical financial support for established and emerging St. Louis arts organizations since 1963. Today, nearly 70 institutions supported by A&E through grants, professional development services, and accelerator space at the Centene Center for the Arts engage, educate, and entertain over 1.7 million adults and children throughout 16 counties. Cumulatively, the region’s arts and culture sector generates more than $582 million in economic impact, supports nearly 30,000 jobs and draws over 11 million visitors and residents to performances, exhibits, classes, and workshops each year.  

“From Wells Fargo Advisor’s first year in the St. Louis market, the company has generously supported and partnered with the Arts and Education Council to realize our mission to create a vibrant community for all,” says A&E President and CEO, Cynthia Prost. “Wells Fargo Advisors has fully embraced St. Louis’s extraordinary philanthropic climate, particularly where the arts are concerned.”