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“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” As we reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week, I was reminded of this one of many, but not often cited, quotes by Dr. King.

Recently, the Arts Education Advisory Council of Americans for the Arts met for its midwinter meeting in Los Angeles. We spent much of our time discussing equity and the need for access to the arts for all students, pre-K through high school. We took a tour of the Colburn School, an outstanding music conservatory with numerous community engagement programs. The mission of the Colburn School is to admit students who have tremendous artistic promise and provide them with full tuition, including room and board, so that they can focus solely on their musical careers.

I discovered and joined Americans for the Arts as an undergraduate student interested in arts management. Americans for the Arts’ services, particularly for emerging arts leaders, have been invaluable in these early stages of my career.

The Intersection of Public Art and City Planning

Meredith Frazier Britt Meredith Frazier Britt

I am a city planner who can’t stay away from public art. I just finished my capstone project for my master’s in city and regional planning at Georgia Tech, and true to form, I studied commonalities between public art and planning goals in the Atlanta region.

Americans for the Arts & Vans Custom Culture Partner for Student Creativity

Contest Registration Open for High Schools Now!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For the second year, Americans for the Arts is parntering with Vans for their fifth annual Vans Custom Culture - an art and design competition to celebrate student creativity and support arts education. Starting yesterday, January 6, high school art teachers can register for their students to vie against schools across the country to create the most artistic designs using blank Vans shoes as a canvas.

VANS Kicks off 5th Annual Custom Culture Art Competition for High Schools Nationwide

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Vans, in partnership with Americans for the Arts, Journeys and truth®,  invites high school art students across the country to take part in the fifth annual Vans Custom Culture - an art and design competition to celebrate student creativity and support arts education. Beginning today, high school art teachers can register for their students to vie against schools across the country to create the most artistic designs using blank Vans shoes as a canvas.

College Prep Timeline For The Arts, What Students Should Be Doing in October

The school year is still new, so it’s a great time to look ahead and plan ahead. Remember that your academic and performing or visual arts choices in high school should serve your longer-term goals as you prepare for college and beyond. Keep in mind that no matter what decisions you’ve made, or are about to make, you may want to refine your selections as you develop and grow. Stay focused, and at the same time, stay open to exploring new areas at all times!

Senior Arts Students — Get guidance, plan auditions, prep portfolios. Stay on track with admissions requirements by working with your guidance counselor. Let your counselor know where you want transcripts, score reports, and letters sent, and provide any necessary forms much earlier than the actual deadlines so your counselor will have time to send in the forms. Now you can finalize your audition material or portfolio pieces to best reflect your skills.

Students enrolled in Eastern Michigan University’s (EMU) Arts Management Programs (Undergraduate & Graduate) produce two-day music festivals, art competitions, face and body paint tailgating activities, art crawl events, and reality TV shows as part of an academic service learning project and student organizational activity designed to give members their first experiences as arts administrators.


Are you studying arts administration, arts education, or a fine art at the undergraduate or graduate level? Get a head start on your career by joining the organization for arts professionals in America.

Join Americans for the Arts and you’ll receive access to research, webinars, books, and industry publications. You can also participate in networking and professional development opportunities and receive career guidance.

KRIS Wine: “Art of Education” 2012 Winners

Masha Raj Masha Raj

September is the beginning of a new academic year for students, parents, and teachers - and also when we announce our new season of arts education initiatives and competitions!

The Arts Are Extra-Curricular and Disposable. NOT.

For over 30 years as a K-12 English & Theater teacher, I have witnessed how the arts have impacted the lives of so many people, young and old.

Technology Inspiring Young Artists

Friday, July 26, 2013


Even with arts education on the wane in many public schools, a new study by The Wallace Foundation suggests that digital technologies are changing the artistic landscape for many young students. "New Opportunities for Interest-Driven Arts Learning in a Digital Age" offers a new take on arts learning based on innovative efforts to bring kids, the technology they are constantly using, and the arts together. In the age of do-it-yourself and tell-your-own-story, this is a new approach - technology-based arts learning.

The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts Announce Poster Design Competition Winners

Monday, June 24, 2013

The national winners of The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts Poster Design Competition 2013 traveled to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, June 19 to accept their scholarship awards at a Congressional Reception on Capitol Hill. Whitney Lanier of Statesboro, GA, was the grand prize winner in the high school senior category of the competition. She earned a full tuition scholarship to The Art Institute of Atlanta. Morgan Stevens of Athens, IL, was selected as the grand prize winner in the high school graduate category. She earned a $10,000 tuition scholarship to The Art Institute of St.

Process Over Product: Building Creative Thinkers with Art

With the smell of coffee brewing and waffles toasting, I peer into my girls' art studio and see two preschoolers happily invested in the processes of drawing flowers and painting landscapes.

My two-year old dips her brush delicately into a bowl of water and then fills her brush with paint. The brush dances across the page and I hear her chatting about rainbows and a blue-green sky. My four-year-old fills her page with intricate illustrations of imaginative flowers and spirals.

Filled with Wonder: 5 Attributes of Quality Theatre for the Very Young

Lynne Kingsley Lynne Kingsley

Picture it: you bring Tyler, a nine-month-old infant, to sit through a high-quality production of “James and the Giant Peach.” To expect the same deliciously wide-eyed and captivated response as his seven-year-old sister is nonsensical.


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